Housing 180 is a nonprofit organization

HOUSING 180 creates affordable housing options in Englewood and Littleton for hardworking people who struggle to find a place to call home. We work with local landlords, nonprofits, church leaders, community members, and CAFE 180 to help vulnerable yet capable people find transitional housing. We promote dignified exchanges, providing resources to people in exchange for their time and/or talents. Our work is all about dignification – our word for opening the hearts and minds of our neighbors to the needs that surround them—and encouraging people in need to be self-sufficient. Other 180 ventures include COUNSELING 180 and JOBS 180, all of which run on the concept of dignified exchanges. Learn more at cafe180.org.


The average hourly wage for Americans is $15.42, which is not nearly enough to afford a two-bedroom for most workers. The federal minimum wage, at $7.25, is around a third of what’s required. That means minimum-wage workers have to work three jobs, or 112 hours a week, to be able to afford a decent two-bedroom accommodation.

The hourly wage needed in Colorado to afford a 2 bedroom apartment is over $21/hr.

There are over 6,000 fewer affordable housing units available than are needed, as of the last U.S. census.

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